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About Our Business
Merisco was incorporated on July 1, 1988. Our goal was to provide an option to
the wet wipe industry with proprietary machinery capable of manufacturing a
wide variety of wipe products. Over the years the wipes industry has changed
dramatically due to the demand for convenience wipe products. As demand
grew, so grew Merisco. Our growth over the years has resulted in a 120,000
square foot state-of-the-art facility and the ability to support global volumes of
branded wipe products. Merisco is proud to have been the exclusive
manufacturer of many major brand wipe products for three Fortune 500
companies. Today, Merisco's goal remains the same. That is to provide a quality,
cost competitive, creative manufacturing option with our experienced staff.
Merisco has the ability to get your new products to the marketplace quickly, with
minimal or no capital startup expense. Please contact us today for a unique
perspective on your wipe needs.
About Our Facility
* 110,000 sq. ft. facility

* Warehousing and distribution

* FDA registered facility

* EPA registered facility

* GMP compliant

* Two class 10,000 "clean" rooms / controlled environmental manufacturing

* Lot control compliant

* Material and production planning

* Electronic data transfer

* Engineering and design assistance
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About Our Product Capabilities
* Multi-billion wipe capacity

* Capacity to support national brands

* Multiple production lines

* Master web widths to 102 inches

* Master web diameters to 96 inches

* In-line Z-folds / C-folds / J-folds / W-folds

* Flexible and hard shell packaging

* Printed shrink film capabilities

* Peel and reseal packs

* Rigid flip top flexible packs

* Single packs